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Error 500 – Invalid POST Request Exception


I have just done some test with last fix pack of 8.5.3 : FP3 and it seem to correct all POST request exception.

If you have this issue, please tell your IT to update server version. This way please :)


Currently working on checker and import services to fix a bug. Hope for a release during next week.


Error 500 – HTTP Web Server : Invalid POST Request Exception


just got some news on this issue that some people are getting…

This is a known issue from IBM, and here is the answer from IBM:

Found Lotus Notes SPR # BSCT8X7BDY
Should be fixed in 8.5.3 FP3

From Lotus Notes forum

To be clear, there is an issue with ICS and the built in browser. My app rely on the web browser provided by Google, and the issue is the same in the end.

I have been working a lot on searching a workaround for this issue, but nothing is really doing the job. I have a fix, but it is not working 100% of the time. So I have decided that I will wait for the fix from IBM since now. Realy hope 8.5.3FP3 will fix this issue…
As stated here, 8.5.3FP3 is due on November.

I will keep beta status on the app up to this release as I can’t realy do anything at the moment.


For information, I use a 8.5.3 FP2 Domino server and POST method is doing this error 500. But GET method is working well.


Lotus Launcher : update for mail checker service


just made an update to the mail checker and import service. You will perhaps have to stop, and re-activate these feature to activate the new version.

If you experience some issue, please follow this :

  • select « Activate mail checker »,to activate the service
  • setup an interval of 1 min to test it
  • activate notification and vibrate, so it is checked and activated
Wait a minute, then send one to many mails to your lotus notes mail. If notification pop, you just have to setup a longer interval timer, 10 to 30min seem a good timer to check mails.
If you don’t see anything pop on your phone, then please install aLogcat application from the market. You will get the logs of Lotus Launcher on your phone. Please send this to me by mail (use share function in aLogcat app) so I will have a look at what is going wrong on your phone or setup.

100K downloads of Lotus Launcher !

Thank you to every Lotus Launcher users, there have been about 100 000 users of the app !


ICS Support : act 3

Some news after a difficult month.

Sorry for the little break but work and baby have just keep me off Lotus Launcher. I was also waiting a new fresh Nexus Galaxy to be able to work on ICS port of Lotus Launcher. Now I will be able to work properly on the support of calendar on ICS.

You can see the screen on the right that show support of calendar selection, working on a naxus galaxy with ICS. Hope to be able to release a test version in near future :)

I will also try to anwser to all the mails waiting for a response since some time during this coming weeks. Sorry for the delay.


Stay connected for some news :)


ICS Support : act 2

Just have released a new version of Lotus Launcher 2 which fix the force close on launch, with this version, you should now be able to see your mails on your Galaxy Nexus :)

But, it is just a quick fix : I have disabled the calendar stuff in the app. Google has just update all the stuff concerning the calendar access, and has disable all the former method we were using. I hope to be able to make it available soon.


Lotus Launcher 2 and ICS support

It look like santa claus give a galaxy nexus to a lot of people recently… and every body is contacting me to get ICS support.
So yes, I will look at the issue with ICS as soon as possible. Will just have to work with android emulator :(

And hope to receive a galaxy nexus soon too :)


New Lotus Launcher release : 1.1.0


this will certainly be the last release for 2011 as I have no much time left since the beginning of December and our new baby :)

For this new version, I have make some nice improvements :

  • New service implementation for new mail check and calendar import (you will perhaps have to re-activate the mail checker and calendar import function to be sure these works)
  • New functionality for calendar import (beta) : Lotus Launcher try to get location, private/public, alarm (and time for alarm) and real description of the events.
  • New functionality (beta) : widget for Full version only. The widget will present last 3 received mails. No configuration for the moment.


Send me a mail if you see anything wrong as I can’t test on every sort of android version and lotus notes version, I will try to answer as soon as possible ;)





Merry Christmas to every one, and have an happy new year !


New Lotus Launcher release : 1.0.5

With update 1.0.5 come a new calendar provider handler which should help for Motorola, LG, and TouchDown calendar applications.

As I do not have these phones to make tests, do not hesitate to contact me if you experience any issue with retrieving your calendar.  If the application could detect no calendar provider on the phone, then the field for calendar selection will be disabled. If you are in this situation, contact me by mail with your phone model and android version.

Hope this update will bring calendar back for everyone ;)
Still on the road for next release :

  • New sound notification management with classic management (sound repeated until touch) and one time sound play
  • Possibility to keep entries for a certain time, or do not delete them at all

New Lotus Launcher release : 1.0.4


Latest version 1.0.4 beta released with :

  • New language : Deutsch
  • Now download files attachments to SD Card in data\lotuslauncher with full access to the file. If no SD card is found, or if SD card is not avaible, the file will be downloaded on phone automatically with read only mode.
  • Some minor bug corrections


In next versions :

  • New generic calendar type and new Motorola calendar type for user with Motorola rom and specific calendar service
  • New sound notification management with classic management (sound repeated until touch) and one time sound play