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Archive for septembre, 2010


Some news

Hello !sorry for the lack of new version this past months, I was just working so hard on some projects that I had to stop the development of Android Launcher, and sleep others apps.For the near future, this is what I expect :- some issue repported that I have to correct (text reseting when copy/paste from other app, bug with space in the username/password, and some other minor issue)- some sort of help documentation to guide you through configuration of the app- English / French / German languages- a freeadd version… I know lot of you are waiting for one, but I just don’t want to make a paid version, and have no time to support you.- possibility to import your Notes calendar to your phone calendar (I wait for this for months :) )- and some other functionality that lack at the moment …I try to answer to all the mails I get (not as quick as I want…) and if you have some ideas of improvement, do not hesitate to propose them, I will enjoy to have a look at them ;) Jérôme