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Archive for janvier, 2011


Pop-up box authentication


as every body is asking for some news, tests are ok at the moment, and I will release a new version tonight or tomorrow, as soon as possible.

I will wait for your different feedbacks to validate this authentication method. If you find some problem, contact me by mail, with the version of Lotus Notes you are using, as I can’t validate every Notes version.


Lotus Launcher 2 released

Hello,happy new year to every body, hope you will enjoy the new Lotus Launcher 2 app. It is available for Android 2.1+. Do not hesitate to contact me if you find some bugs or if it miss some options that would be needed.What’s new in the free version ?

  • Security enhancement in the login engine
  • Security access to the app through a graphical pattern
  • Calendar import for the next 7 days (the future paid app will import for much more)
  • Some bug fix and setup enhancement

The paid version will come in one or two weeks ;) You will find it on the market (link to come).Or you can direct download it from here.