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Archive for janvier, 2012


ICS Support : act 2

Just have released a new version of Lotus Launcher 2 which fix the force close on launch, with this version, you should now be able to see your mails on your Galaxy Nexus :)

But, it is just a quick fix : I have disabled the calendar stuff in the app. Google has just update all the stuff concerning the calendar access, and has disable all the former method we were using. I hope to be able to make it available soon.


Lotus Launcher 2 and ICS support

It look like santa claus give a galaxy nexus to a lot of people recently… and every body is contacting me to get ICS support.
So yes, I will look at the issue with ICS as soon as possible. Will just have to work with android emulator :(

And hope to receive a galaxy nexus soon too :)