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9 avril 2012

Lotus Launcher : update for mail checker service


just made an update to the mail checker and import service. You will perhaps have to stop, and re-activate these feature to activate the new version.

If you experience some issue, please follow this :

  • select « Activate mail checker »,to activate the service
  • setup an interval of 1 min to test it
  • activate notification and vibrate, so it is checked and activated
Wait a minute, then send one to many mails to your lotus notes mail. If notification pop, you just have to setup a longer interval timer, 10 to 30min seem a good timer to check mails.
If you don’t see anything pop on your phone, then please install aLogcat application from the market. You will get the logs of Lotus Launcher on your phone. Please send this to me by mail (use share function in aLogcat app) so I will have a look at what is going wrong on your phone or setup.
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