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Archive for octobre, 2012


Error 500 – HTTP Web Server : Invalid POST Request Exception


just got some news on this issue that some people are getting…

This is a known issue from IBM, and here is the answer from IBM:

Found Lotus Notes SPR # BSCT8X7BDY
Should be fixed in 8.5.3 FP3

From Lotus Notes forum

To be clear, there is an issue with ICS and the built in browser. My app rely on the web browser provided by Google, and the issue is the same in the end.

I have been working a lot on searching a workaround for this issue, but nothing is really doing the job. I have a fix, but it is not working 100% of the time. So I have decided that I will wait for the fix from IBM since now. Realy hope 8.5.3FP3 will fix this issue…
As stated here, 8.5.3FP3 is due on November.

I will keep beta status on the app up to this release as I can’t realy do anything at the moment.


For information, I use a 8.5.3 FP2 Domino server and POST method is doing this error 500. But GET method is working well.