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Lotus Launcher

Lotus Launcher is a sort of shortcut to your Lotus Notes webmail. With it you can :- create a server configuration to specify which server and database you want to connect to (Lotus Launcher handle https or http protocol)- store your login information : username & password- navigate in a separate instance of your browser (your mail or information can’t be accessed through history)



Free version limitation :

  • - calendar import limited to 7 days
  • - no security pattern protection
  • - ads

Full version :

Lien market web :


Tested and fully functionnal with version :

  • 8.5.2
  • 8.5.1
  • 8.5.0
  • 8.0.2


Work with versions (but you will not have the new fancy interface) :

  • 7.0.3
  • 6.5.4
  1. tracy falconer
    déc 14 2010

    I am struggling with getting my mail to display newest first. When I launch the application it displays all my mail with the oldest first. I don’t want to have to scroll through 60 pages of mail to get to the most recent.It does not display like this when I use the web to check my mail.Please help.

  2. Marc Kirsch
    avr 21 2011

    On Xoom Tablet, the screen is minimized to about the size of a phone screen with no apparant way to increase the screen size.Anyway to detect that its running on a Tablet and expand the size of the screen to make use of the larger screen?

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