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How to find your login information ?

You will find some help here

Synchronizing contacts from Notes client

Synchronize Contacts from Lotus Notes client to the users mail file

The notification don’t work !

Some things to check :

  • - have you try to reboot your phone since the app has been installed ?
  • - do you have any service killer app that could kill the Mail Checker Service ?
  • - have you a service running which is called Lotus Mail Checker Service ?

If all this point don’t help, you can mail me your phone model, Android version and Lotus Notes database version. We will try to see what’s going wrong with the notifier ;)

Mails ordered from oldest to newest !

If you have your mails ordered from oldest to newest, this is due to your old Lotus Notes mail database version. Ask your IT for an upgrade to version 8.0.2 or more.


  1. Cor Honigh
    déc 13 2010

    Hello, I just downloaded your app for Lotus Notes on my Desire.After opening it tells me to go to the preferences to set parameters. Where do I find these preferences? Does I have to install something on my laptop where LN is running on?Thanks in advance,

  2. tracy falconer
    déc 14 2010

    I have loaded your app for Lotus notes on my droid. When I go to my inbox it shows all of my messages oldest first. It does not display like this when I check my email through the web.I want the mail to display most recent first so I don’t have to scroll through lots of pages to get to new mail.Please help.

  3. Attila Feltein
    déc 15 2010

    Hi,My SE X10mini pro (2.1) is unable to locate this app on the market when searching for Lotus Launcher. Also, when I pick up the link using the barcode reader, it says there is no such link, though I am sure the link is correct (checked on another phone where the install works fine).So, is there any phone type related limitation, or you have any idea what my problem can be?Thanks for your support!Attila

  4. Pickup
    jan 3 2011

    I am not sure if I fall into the category of an authenticatioin box (pop up style) or not. I have to go to one page at which it has a dialog box on it to log in (not a pop up). It then takes me to a page that provides me a link to launch a new window, which is the lotus notes webmail.I have entered all of the information into the app. preferences but I have only gotten as close as a:Error 404HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception- File does not existCan you offer any help?

  5. Jeroen
    jan 5 2011

    Hi Jerome,I have indeed a authentication box (pop up style). Can you indicate when this solution will be ready or help me around this issue?Thanks, I would love to use the app.Jeroen

  6. t kim
    jan 6 2011

    Hello,Actually, for my lotus web mail I have to login one more step – e.g. server log in – before a web mail log in. In that case, could I find another solution?

  7. Jarek
    jan 7 2011

    Hi,The app works great for me except the calendar import. When I select cal. import from the menu, I get blank screen with Quit button below. Nothing gets imported. Can you please help me with that.Thanks,JarekNexus One/Froyo 2.2.1/Lotus Notes 8.0.2

  8. Ulrik Klixbull
    jan 10 2011

    Hi,Thanks for Notes Launcher 2. It is a super app.I just have one problem. How can I sync calender entries from Notes Launcher to my iNotes at office?I’m looking forward to your release of a paid version.Ulrik

  9. Jérôme
    jan 10 2011

    Mail me at mejero [at] gmail [dot] com, I will try to help you setup the app, or answer your question.FYI, I have done the code for handling the pop up log in, and I’m currently testing it. I think it will be released before the end of week if I do not find any bug ;)

  10. James
    jan 12 2011

    Hi Jerome,same problem as Cor Honigh has,what are the parameters to set, where do I get them, can you please send me a short advise what has to be done step by step,we use Lotus notes at work, version 6.5my phone is Droid 2 (or Milestone 2)/ Motorolathanks a lotbest regardsJames

  11. John
    jan 13 2011

    Greetings!Since my company is fully Notes users, I’m very interested in getting my email and calendars on my Droid, but I can’t seem to determine what your app does. Does it add a new calendar to my Google calendar with my Notes entries? How do I access my Notes email, or does Lotus Launcher just notify me of new email?Thanks

  12. Jérôme
    jan 13 2011

    Hello,I will try write something to help you with finding this information. And how to setup parameters more precisely.Jérôme

  13. Myrmey
    jan 17 2011

    Bonjour,très intéressé également par cette application, mais je n’ai aucune idée de la manière qu’il faut la configurer. Est-ce qu’il faut obligatoirement être admin pour avoir les infos nécessaires ?

  14. Chris
    jan 26 2011

    Hi Jerome,A number of employees of mine and myself are using your app and its very helpful. The only problem is that on mine and a co-workers phone, we can not get Lotus Launcher 2 to work although 1 works just fine. When we open it, it says ‘Web Page Not Found’ although the settings are the same. Any ideas?I’m running a Motorola Droid Pro with Froyo.Thanks,~ Chris

  15. James
    fév 3 2011

    Hi,Great to be able to access my work Lotus Notes via Xperia X10, although same problem as Jarek above, in that Calendar Import just gives me a blank screen and no new entries are created in my Google calendar on the handset. Also the mail notifications option doesn’t seem to work as nothing appears on status bar when new mail arrives.Hope these are working soon as great app and these would make it better. Thanks and well done for the good work!Just for anyone struggling to find info for mail, preferences I just accessed company webmail via browser on phone and then just looked at the « info » tab, which gave me server and database name. This was different to that displayed if I access webmail via browser on PC.James

  16. Jay Lessik
    fév 3 2011

    How do I get the iPhone-like interface that is shown in your app screenshot here? When I connect it just loads the basic webmail login.

  17. mar 1 2011

    Hello.I can login without problem, but after that it cant succed with updating the mails.It keeps showing the « uptate » animation but without showing any of the mails.Please help. Anders

  18. Mauricio
    avr 25 2011

    Hi Jerome,Thanks for your awesome app. I am having the same issue that others like Jarek and James reported above. The Calendar Import option just shows me a blank page with a Quit button, and nothing imported on the actual calendar. Any ideas?Thanks!HTC Evo/2.2/Lotus Notes 8.5.1

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