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Find your login information

The main problem is to find your login information.

Here is a method to find yours.

Step 1 : connect to your mail server

The first step is to launch your browser, and connect to your mail database :On the screen, you can see my notes mail server :

Step 2 : login

Next step is to login. My login is miny. My password is ****.After login, you will be in your mail box (on the screen is an ultra light mail box)

Step 3 : Find your information

Now you just have to read your information in the url of the browser.First part tell you if you use an http or https connexion.Second part is the server name.Third part is the database name, it’s always terminated by  <.nsf> and there is never character, only / character.If you cannot connect with a browser, or you don’t know how to connect to your mail server, you should ask your IT guys or Notes administrator for some help.

  1. Andreas
    fév 1 2011

    Hi,I was hoping someone can help me to set up the launcher… My Lotus is « Domino Web Access Release 6.5.4, Build 429″I set up everything as above, but I am always getting « 404 – The requested URL was not found on this server ».Can anyone give me a hint. I would love to read my work mail on the road ;-) Thanks

  2. Kalyan
    fév 8 2011

    Hi,I am on andriod 2.1. I updated all the preferences and tried to launch Lotus Launcher2 got a msg « Web page not available ». I saw the link it generated and the same link if I try on my computer I am getting login page. Please let me know if I miss anything in the settings.Thank you.

  3. Brad
    fév 9 2011

    I, too, am on Android 2.1 and receive the « Web page is not available » message and gives the URL.A coworker is on Android 2.2 and she gets in just fine. We have confirmed our settings are the same. I can get notifications of new email and the calendar importer works.

  4. mar 25 2011

    hi,it’s possibile to have more installation of launcher on my phone?so, i can view more emails of lotus.thank you

  5. Ed
    mar 26 2011

    It works perfectly fine but all my emails couldnt be read because they are all encrypted. do i have to import my id. Helpses. :(

  6. KaKa
    avr 10 2011

    hi,I am not work,set up everything as above found » Http status Code:404Reason:Unable to process request, resource not found »But, I am login webmail on PC in work

  7. Dmitry
    mai 12 2011

    if the server looks like
    and louncher does not work
    would you help

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