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Currently on the ToDo list :

  • New languages support : Deutsch and Italian to come (if you want to translate the app for your language, contact me)
  • Reminders for Lotus Notes version 8+
  • Add widget for mail display on the home

If you have some ideas to improve the app and make your life easier using it, mail me your ideas, I will try to see if I can add them to the app ! :)

  1. Nick Demczuk
    jan 13 2011

    I know you created this for Android…how about a version for the iphone….we definitely would pay for it.

  2. Jérôme
    jan 13 2011

    Hello,I have already thought of an IPhone version, but for the moment I have no phone and no mac, so it will be difficult, but I would be definitely interested in a IPhone version. Maybe in some months ;)

  3. Suresh.D
    jan 30 2011

    Hi,I installed Lotus launcher and Lotus launcher2 in my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 phone with Android 2.1 but when i try to start the application it gives a page stating  » First Launch … Go to Prefrences from Menu… »Actually i don’t seen any Menu in that page expect its a white with this typed information.Please help to find the Menu item.Thanks & Regards,Suresh D

  4. Vijay
    fév 9 2011

    Hey Jerome,Did you get a fix working for Lotus launcher 2 to support pop up box authentication. I am using Lotus 8.5 and if pop up box works for me, i will say bye bye to Blackberry. do send me a download link if you need some testers

  5. mar 23 2011

    Any chance of adding Lotus Notes ToDo lists?

  6. Mark Crouch
    avr 1 2011

    I love the idea but it doesn’t work for me. I believe the reason is that my company’s mail server is different from the one that authenticates the user.When I configure with the authentication server, I get the Notes « File not found » error. When I configure with the email server, I get redirected to OpenDNS. Any ideas?

  7. David
    avr 16 2011

    Hi Jerome,Like Vijay, I am waiting patiently for pop-up authentication support. My company now has two authentication screens: One with a username and a changing password based on a secure-id token, and a second with the same username and another fixed password. Hopefully the authentication features will be flexible enough to handle all types of authentication screens.Also, non-recognized browsers are now restricted to ultralight mode. (https:/[]/[dbname.nsf]/iNotes/Mail/?OpenDocument&Form=m_MailView.)Can the launcher be designed so it is flexible enough to log into ultralight as well?I will be happy to help test.

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