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Lotus Launcher 2 version 1.0 is out … and full version too !

After some more work, I’m now able to release the full version of Lotus Launcher 2 which will unlock these differents features :

  • - calendar events import up to 3 months
  • - security access protection (with pattern)
  • - no more ads


This new application act as a key to the free version, so you must have the free version installed on your phone, and this full version will unlock features in Lotus Launcher 2.

You will continue to use your Lotus Launcher 2 application as before, with all the new features :)



New Lotus Launcher 2 version

Latest version 0.7.3 beta released with :

  • - New language supported : French (Deutsch to come
  • - Updated manual calendar import
  • - Lot of minor updates
  • - New download file dialog

Bug correction :

  • - Zoom functionality when touching the view pane is now usable
  • - special characters that were cuting title or description in the calendar entries are  now handle correctly



Some news …


long time since last update, and lot of work… it start to decrease, and I hope to have some more free time to enhance Lotus Launcher !

I have identify 2 bugs :

- calendar is not working with Android 2.3+ : the bug is corrected, I just have to release the new version, then calendars will be visible in parameters ;)

-  there is an issue with calendar import when at the end of a month, I have identify the issue but it is not corrected yet

Hope to release the new version this week with these 2 fix, and then will try to enhance the app ;)


PS : I have tried to answer all mails, but if I did not, send me a new mail.


Pop-up box authentication


as every body is asking for some news, tests are ok at the moment, and I will release a new version tonight or tomorrow, as soon as possible.

I will wait for your different feedbacks to validate this authentication method. If you find some problem, contact me by mail, with the version of Lotus Notes you are using, as I can’t validate every Notes version.


Lotus Launcher 2 released

Hello,happy new year to every body, hope you will enjoy the new Lotus Launcher 2 app. It is available for Android 2.1+. Do not hesitate to contact me if you find some bugs or if it miss some options that would be needed.What’s new in the free version ?

  • Security enhancement in the login engine
  • Security access to the app through a graphical pattern
  • Calendar import for the next 7 days (the future paid app will import for much more)
  • Some bug fix and setup enhancement

The paid version will come in one or two weeks ;) You will find it on the market (link to come).Or you can direct download it from here.


Lotus Launcher 2 on its way !

Hello,after some time of testing, I can present you some news about the future Lotus Launcher 2. This new version will be avaible soon with some new possibility.Here I will present you one of these : the calendar import … over the air !Here is 3 screens after importing Notes calendar in the Android Calendar… on the left.The 2 others are showing Jorte (market link : this app is a must have :) ) calendar presenting the calendar with 2 different presentations.

Last news for today : with this new version, you will have a free version and a add free version ;)


Lotus Launcher 1.3

Bug correction :
- click on phone number link in contact dial it directly
New functionnality :
- Remove the title bar to gain some space

New release : Lotus Launcher 1.2

Bug correction :
- copy/pasting from another app no more reset text in composed mail
- space in login or password managed
New functionnality :
- File download possible (must have a SD Card to store in /sdcard/lotuslauncher)
- Zooming now possible (pinch or with controler)

Some news

Hello !sorry for the lack of new version this past months, I was just working so hard on some projects that I had to stop the development of Android Launcher, and sleep others apps.For the near future, this is what I expect :- some issue repported that I have to correct (text reseting when copy/paste from other app, bug with space in the username/password, and some other minor issue)- some sort of help documentation to guide you through configuration of the app- English / French / German languages- a freeadd version… I know lot of you are waiting for one, but I just don’t want to make a paid version, and have no time to support you.- possibility to import your Notes calendar to your phone calendar (I wait for this for months :) )- and some other functionality that lack at the moment …I try to answer to all the mails I get (not as quick as I want…) and if you have some ideas of improvement, do not hesitate to propose them, I will enjoy to have a look at them ;) Jérôme

New Lotus Launcher version : 1.1.0

New functionnality :- Lotus Notes Mail Checker : added to check if there is new mail(s) on server – see preferences for setup (first beta release – feedbacks are welcome)- Bug correction :- Bug when switching orientation. Deletes composed text when switching : now corrected, you shoud now be able to switch screen without losing your typed text.